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Promise Broken rulings on the Abbott-O-Meter

Fund treatment for postpartum depression for low-income mothers

"As a starting point, the coverage period for postpartum doctor visits for the mother under" the Children's Health Insurance Program's perinatal coverage "should be extended from 60 days to up to one year." Abbott calls for spending $3 million more over two years.

Stop 'forcing teachers to teach to so many standardized tests'

"And my plan will stop forcing teachers to teach to so many standardized tests."

Require school districts to list the capacity of each school compared to its enrollment

Requiring schools to declare each school's enrollment compared to its capacity will better inform parents and taxpayers.

Repeal limits on students taking online classes

Public school students should be allowed to take any Virtual School Network course even if it's offered in person at their school. Also, the state cap of three VSN courses per student should be repealed.

Tie some college and university funding to student success indicators

"In addition to incentivizing higher graduation rates, the criteria for performance-based funding should also include metrics to ensure quality of instruction; for instance, universities may receive funding based on the percentage of graduates who are employed within six months of graduating."

Reform 2001 law authorizing in-state college tuition for unauthorized residents

On the stump, Abbott called the 2001 tuition law "flawed" and said he would not veto a bill to repeal it. But he did not outline how he would suggest fixing it.

Raise five Texas universities into nation's top 10 public universities

"We must ensure that Texas' four-year public universities claim five of the top ten spots in future rankings" of public universities by U.S. News.