Declare repeal of Houston's "sanctuary city" rules to be emergency

Make the abolition of our sanctuary city rules an emergency item when our legislature meets this next January.


Perry names abolition of sanctuary cities an emergency legislative issue

In Houston in October, Rick Perry said he"d ask Texas legislators in 2011 to take emergency action banning so-called sanctuary city rules, a change described as allowing police to freely question residents about their legal immigration status, according to a blog post by the Houston Chronicle.

"As long as I'm governor, Texas will never become a sanctuary state," Perry told a large crowd of Houston police officers, according to the post.  "There's some Texas cities who've enacted sanctuary city rules, they've basically been handcuffing you from the job your sworn to uphold. Well, today I'm announcing my plan to remove those handcuffs on your wrists ... by making the abolition of our sanctuary city rules an emergency item when our legislature meets this next January."

The post said Houston does not have a sanctuary city policy, but a long-standing police order limits inquiries about immigration status to criminal suspects.

On Jan. 11, 2011, the first day of the legislative session, Perry designated legislation to "abolish sanctuary cities in Texas” an emergency item, a move that means related legislation can be taken up in the first month of the 140-day session.

According to the Texas Constitution, lawmakers are limited in each regular session"s  first 30 days "to the introduction of bills and resolutions, acting upon emergency appropriations” and considering between-session gubernatorial appointees — plus "such emergency matters as may be submitted by the governor in special messages to the Legislature.”

Mark this as a Promise Kept.


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