Promises about Federal Budget on GOP Pledge-O-Meter

Cancel unspent stimulus

Will "move immediately to cancel unspent 'stimulus' funds, and block any attempts to extend the timeline for spending 'stimulus' funds."

Cut government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels

Will "roll back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving at least $100 billion in the first year alone."

Establish a hard cap on new discretionary spending

Will "set strict budget caps to limit federal spending on an annual basis."

Cut Congress' budget

Will "make Congress do more with less by significantly reducing its budget."


Cancel the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), "a move that would save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars."

Pass 'clean' military spending bills

Troop funding bills "will not be held up by unrelated policy changes, or extraneous domestic spending and pork-barrel projects."

Fully fund missile defense

Will "work to ensure critical funding is restored to protect the U.S. homeland and our allies from missile threats from rogue states such as Iran and North Korea."

Reduce federal pay

"We will bring federal pay scales that have become so exaggerated into line with market rates."

Vote on budget-cutting bills

"Bring forward a series of rescissions bills, each of which would be open for amendment to reduce spending even further."

Schedule at least one YouCut proposal every week

"Work with House committees and schedule at least one YouCut proposal each and every week. And the YouCut program will not be limited to just discretionary spending, but will also find ways to produce savings from mandatory spending."

Have every member of the House Republican conference champion a YouCut program

"Work with every member of the Republican Conference to identify a spending cut that they can champion as part of the YouCut program."

Refuse to consider House legislation that includes earmarks

Refuse to "consider House legislation that includes earmarks."

Block funding for implementation of health care bill

Block "funding for implementation" of the health care bill," and block "the issuance of the regulations necessary to implement it." Use "every tool at our disposal to achieve full repeal of ObamaCare."

Codify Hyde Amendment to prohibit federal funding of abortion

Will codify "the Hyde Amendment so that it applies to all federal funding, whether those funds are appropriated by Congress or authorized by Congress."

Freeze government pay and government hiring

Freeze "both government pay and government hiring."

Do away with the concept of ''comprehensive'' spending bills

Do away with the concept of ''comprehensive'' spending bills. "Let’s break them up, to encourage scrutiny, and make spending cuts easier. Rather than pairing agencies and departments together, let them come to the House floor individually, to be judged on their own merit. Members shouldn’t have to vote for big spending increases at the Labor Department in order to fund Health and Human Services. Members shouldn’t have to vote for big increases at the Commerce Department just because they support NASA. Each department and agency should justify itself each year to the full House and Senate, and be judged on its own."

Develop a 'cut as you go' rule

"Consider developing a 'cut as you go' rule that would apply to any member proposing the creation of new government programs or benefits...Under this 'CutGO' rule, if it is your intention to create a new government program, you must also terminate or reduce spending on an existing government program of equal or greater size – in the very same bill."

Fund weapons research

"We will once again fund weapons’ research and development not just to meet the threats of today, but those of tomorrow."