Promises about County Budget on Abele-O-Meter

Convene panel on long-term debt

"Will convene leaders from public and private companies to identify a long-term plan to tackle the County’s long-term debt program."

Sell underused county property to pay debts

Will "use the proceeds from the sale of underused county facilities to help accelerate debt repayment as part of his Milwaukee County facilities and energy reform plan."

Develop a plan to spend federal transit funds

Over the next year will "work with key stakeholders to finally develop a plan to invest $36.6 million in federal transit funds designated for Milwaukee County that have for too long sat idle as a result of partisan bickering."

Proposed budget won't have tax increase

Will "introduce a no-tax increase County budget."

Not raise taxes

"As Milwaukee County Executive, Chris Abele will not raise your taxes."

Sell unused and underused land and buildings

Will "sell at competitive terms unused and underused land and building assets to companies and entrepreneurs who want to start or expand business ventures."

Freeze executive office spending, cut perks

"As County Executive, I’ll freeze the executive office budget and cut perks like cars and cell phones."