Increase spending on technical schools and UW System

“As governor, Tony will: Increase investments in both our technical schools and University of Wisconsin System.”

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Spending is on the rise -- just not at the level Evers recommended

In line with his promise to increase investments in education, Gov. Tony Evers vowed on the campaign trail to boost funding for the University of Wisconsin system and technical colleges. 

Unlike with K-12 spending, in which Evers pledged a $1.4 billion increase, he did not attach a specific increase to his pledge -- only that the state would spend more.

Evers sought to freeze tuition at UW campuses by providing $150 million in new funding. His budget also included $1 billion for building projects around the UW system. Evers also increased general state aid going to technical colleges by $18 million.

The budget, approved by the Republican-controlled state Legislature and signed off by Evers, gave an additional $58 million to the UW system, about half of the governor's original request. 

The Legislature also agreed to back Evers' proposal to provide $1 billion for building upgrades and construction.

Republicans approved a $25 million increase in state funding for tech schools -- more than what Evers proposed. 

The final budget shows an increase in spending for UW and technical colleges.

We rate this Promise Kept.


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UW funding would go up by $150M, tech school by $18M

On the campaign trail, Gov. Tony Evers promised to boost funding in an array of educational categories, including the UW System and technical colleges.

He didn't attach specific numbers to that pledge, but his first budget does indeed seek a series of increases for the state-run postsecondary institutions.

Evers' seeks to freeze tuition at UW campuses by providing $150 million in new funding for the UW System. His budget also includes $1 billion for building projects around the UW System.

And it would increase the general state aid going to technical colleges by $18 million over the two-year budget (though that's half what the colleges requested).

We'll see what Republicans in the Legislature do with these proposals, but for now we rate this promise In the Works.


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