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Rubio's bad statistic on Obamacare and business
Becky Bowers
By Becky Bowers July 29, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio says he's deeply worried about Obamacare's effect on small businesses.

It's one reason he'd like to see Congress refuse to fund the law.

But one statistic he's repeated in op-eds and on the Senate floor — and attributes to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — just doesn't hold up.

He claims that "75 percent of small businesses now say they are going to be forced to either fire workers or cut their hours."

It turns out a closer look at the survey he cites shows a response closer to 10 percent — and a look at the basic makeup of America's small businesses shows why.

We rated the claim Pants on Fire.

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Rubio's bad statistic on Obamacare and business