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Statement from city of Flint, Oct. 20, 1011

For Immediate Release

Public Safety Director Chief Alvern Lock
Releases Statement Regarding City of Flint Crime Stats Data Provided To The Office
Of Vice President Joe Biden

Flint, Michigan – October 20, 2011 - “The City of Flint stands behind the crime statistics provided to the Office of The Vice President. These numbers are an actual portrayal of the level of violent crime in our city and are the same numbers we have provided to our own community. This information is the most accurate data and demonstrates the rise in crime associated with the economic crisis and the reduced staffing levels.

The discrepancies with the FBI and other sources reveal the differences in how crimes can be counted and categorized, based on different criteria.

In addition, the discrepancy in the number of homicides for the city of Flint for 2010 can be attributed to an internal clerical error, when the data was submitted to the FBI. This clerical error was acknowledged and shared with the residents of Flint when the FBI released its 2010 crime stats data.

The numbers stated by the Vice President were those provided by the City of Flint and are an accurate portrayal of violent crime in our city.”

Chief Alvern Lock, Public Safety Director
City of Flint