Promises about Economy on Buck-O-Meter

Create task force to streamline business permits and regulation

"The first year ... Bob will immediately pull together a task force of respected leaders representing every segment of the business community as well as neighborhood and community leaders to look at our regulatory and bureaucratic processes to help us streamline and expedite plans, permits and regulations."

Consolidate departments for business permits and regulation

"The first year ... Bob will reorganize city government to focus on assisting and growing our economy. All agencies involved in the permitting and regulatory process, community redevelopment, housing, construction services, the Tampa Convention Center and related iity entities will be consolidated into a single mission under the deputy mayor for economic opportunity."

Create incentives for high-tech industries

"The first year ... his administration will create incentive packages to target high tech industries identified by the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation (EDC)."

Propose property tax breaks to targeted high-tech industry

"Bob’s administration will propose an economic development package that will offer targeted high-technology industries a reduction in property tax based on the number and types of jobs they create. This incentive is targeted to the industries identified by the EDC as value-added and in which Hillsborough already has a strategic advantage. Bob has proposed that this economic development package be placed on the election ballot in the spring of 2011. Targeted industries will include: Life sciences and medical service; Financial service; Cyber security, defense, and national security; Information technology;Research and engineering."

Work to attract the federal New Markets Tax Credit

"As mayor, Bob Buckhorn will work with Tampa’s community development entities and private developers to attract and leverage the federal New Markets Tax Credit program in order to provide financing for business development in the economically underserved areas of Tampa."

Create position of Deputy Mayor for Economic Opportunity

"The first year ... Bob will create the position of Deputy Mayor for Economic Opportunity. This individual, who will report directly to the mayor, will be responsible for the implementation of programs and initiatives targeted at all three economic development steps and will supervise the agencies and departments involved in business regulation and economic development. This position will come as a result of the consolidation of existing positions and will not come at an additional cost."

Coordinate waterfront development

"If Tampa intends to make its waterfront a central focus of downtown urban planning, the development of the entire waterfront must be a coordinated, citywide effort. As mayor, Bob Buckhorn will immediately bring together economic development, business, housing and environmental stakeholders to develop a complete Development Master Plan designed to make the best possible use of all of Tampa’s waterfront areas and the surrounding neighborhoods. A financing plan to complete the Riverwalk and an aggressive marketing plan to program the use of our riverfront venues will be included."