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Promises about Government Efficiency on Carlos-O-Meter

Cut county departments from 60 to 25

"One of my top priorities is to reorganize and consolidate county departments, bringing the total number to no more that 25 – the same as the State of Florida. By eliminating unnecessary departments we can reduce the tax burden on Miami-Dade residents."

Take back raises

"We must take back the raises that Carlos Alvarez gave. With more than 70 percent of the County’s operating budget comprised of salaries and benefits, this budget can’t be balanced otherwise.”

Reduce the office of mayor by 10 percent

"I will immediately reduce the Office of the Mayor, currently budgeted at $7.3 million, by 10 percent in order to fill the $730,298 gap created by (Gov. Rick Scott's) veto."

Make most county records available online

"One of my goals is to move Miami-Dade County government toward a paperless system of record keeping, aided by computer technology, which would make most records available online."

Post mayor's calendar on the Internet

"I would also post my calendar on the Internet. Everyone should be able to see who I am meeting with and what we are discussing."