Have new pier built by end of 2015

Q: Do you support or oppose the ballot question that would cancel the contract for the new Pier, and why? If voters approve the ballot question and the contract is canceled, what should the city do next? A: "My goal would be for the designs to be reviewed, narrowed down, and sent to council by September of 2014. In short, I will: Get to work on November 6th on appointing a new task force (with cooperation from the current administration). Instruct the task force to complete their work within the first three months of my administration. Ensure that we have a final design in place within the first nine months of my administration, and work with the architect to have the new pier built by the end of 2015."


Tampa Bay Times questionnaire, July 2013

Subjects: Recreation, Water


Kriseman's new timeline adds two years

Rick Kriseman's promise to deal with the fate of St. Petersburg's pier quickly and efficiently was one of his biggest platform planks -- even before the public voted down the proposed replacement design, known as the Lens.

In a July 2013 questionnaire from the Tampa Bay Times, mayoral candidate Kriseman laid out his plan for how to replace the aging structure, should the public referendum cancel the city's contract to build the Lens. Kriseman was a vocal opponent of the design, which was eventually booted by voters in the August primary election.

Among his promises surrounding the pier, Kriseman said he would "work with the architect to have the new pier built by the end of 2015." Fast-forward to May 2014.

Having just appointed his "working group" to gather input on a new design and giving them a deadline of three months to submit their findings, Kriseman announced his new timeline for the pier.

After the recommendations are turned in, five to eight architectural and engineering firms would submit bids. The public would pick their three favorites in a nonbinding vote. Kriseman would choose one of the three and propose it to the city council, which would then vote on a contract.

Construction would begin in 2016. The new pier is now slated for completion in 2017, two years later than originally promised.

Because the timeline has been significantly extended, we rate this a Promise Broken.


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