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Promise Kept rulings on the Scott-O-Meter

Create over 700,000 jobs

"The 7-step economic program — over a 7-year period — will have a positive economic impact and create over 700,000 jobs for the state of Florida."

Return Florida's state and local spending to at least the 2004 level

"Return Florida's state and local expenditure burden to at least the 2004 level before spending ballooned out of control."

Refuse temporary federal funds that create permanent spending

"Refuse temporary funding from the federal government that creates permanent spending in Florida."

Align state employee pension contributions with other states

Align "state employee pension contributions with other states" to save almost $1.4 billion.

Use inmate labor to grow prison food

Use "inmate labor to grow prison food."

Use competitive bids on health care contracts in prisons

Competitively bid prison health-care contracts.

Reduce the state's workforce by 5 percent

"Operational efficiencies: A 5% reduction in the state's workforce will save almost $300 million."

Reform Medicaid with a federal waiver

"Reforming health care for Medicaid recipients (through a waiver) and state employees to consumer directed care will lower the cost of health care, increase choice of health plans, and save taxpayers $1.8 billion."

Grow Florida's economy by $74B in GDP, $41B in personal income, and $1B in tax revenues

"In total, Florida's economy will gain an additional 700,000 jobs, $74 billion in state GDP, $41 billion in higher personal income, $1 billion in total state tax revenues as a direct result of the increased economic growth."

Will fight immigration amnesty

"Rick is opposed to amnesty and will fight amnesty for lawbreakers."

Pay teachers based on performance (merit pay)

"We need to support our hard working, dedicated teachers who understand the importance of getting good results. I believe we should hold people accountable for those results and when they produce, they should be rewarded. In business, we judge that by the quality of work people produce. In the same way, a 'merit pay' plan would reward high-performing teachers and hold school administrators accountable, while under-performing teachers would be challenged to improve."

Eliminate tenure for new teachers

“Why would it be that teachers are guaranteed their jobs for life? If you were guaranteed — you didn’t have to do anything, just showed up, and you didn’t have any obligation other than showing up every day — you think you would get better or worse? Right. This stuff is not hard. So we have a big opportunity.”

Reduce insurance fraud involving sinkholes

"Rick Scott will promote policies to reduce the abuse and fraud that is driving our insurance costs up by proposing an effective measure of sinkhole damage and defining structural damage."

Adopt the Daubert standard on scientific knowledge

"Rick Scott supports the adoption of the Daubert standard to be used in the state of Florida. Forty of fifty states have adopted the more modern Daubert standard, by which evidence based on innovative or unusual scientific knowledge may be admitted only after it has been established that the evidence is reliable and scientifically valid."

Provide legal protection for first-responders

State will "offer basic protection from unnecessary litigation to business owners who offer their services to first-responders in the aftermath of a disaster."

Enact tort reform

"We're going to do tort reform. We're going to make sure that these lawyers that support my opponent just can't go about doing fishing expeditions against legitimate businesses."

Provide parents with annual financial reports on schools

"Our schools should provide to all parents a concise easy to understand financial statement about how much resources the school received and how the money was spent and what the academic outcomes were for the year. To make it even more relevant the data will be compared with other schools in the district and with other schools across the state."

Expand school options for parents

"I want to offer parents a menu of options for their children, including but not limited to charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and virtual schools. I want to create an educational program that will allow parents to get creative in how to meet the distinctive needs of their children."

Ensure that voluntary pre-K program includes private or faith-based providers

"Last year nearly 6,000 providers served children in the VPK (Voluntary Pre-K) program. About 82 percent of those providers were private and/or faith based. I want to ensure that parents continue to have these choices of providers."

New classification for charter schools

"We would propose legislation to develop a new classification of differentiated charter schools: High Performing Charter Schools. These would be charter schools that have excelled both academically and operationally. We would provide greater operational flexibility, expedited approval processes and flexibility in enrolling students."