Promises about Government Efficiency on Scott-O-Meter

Institute Accountability Budgeting for each state agency

"Rick will institute Accountability Budgeting. He will make each state agency set annual goals for every dollar they spend, then measure their performance against those goals and hold them accountable for their outcomes."

Use inmate labor to grow prison food

Use "inmate labor to grow prison food."

Use competitive bids on health care contracts in prisons

Competitively bid prison health-care contracts.

Reduce the state's workforce by 5 percent

"Operational efficiencies: A 5% reduction in the state's workforce will save almost $300 million."

Veto pork-barrel spending

"Veto what the legislators call 'turkeys' — costly and unnecessary pork-barrel projects."

Put grant-writing and regulatory specialists in local economic development offices

"I will ensure these offices (local economic development offices) have the right resources and trained specialists so they can assist their local businesses obtain state and federal grants, and to comply with state and local regulatory processes in the least costly manner."

Eliminate overlapping economic development agencies

"We will eliminate overlapping economic development agencies and have one group that will assist local economic development agencies and serve as our statewide recruiting agency."

Sell the state plane

"We're going to do everything we can to drive down the budget deficit. We're going to balance the budget and one of the ways we can do it is selling the state plane."

Reduce prisoner costs by $1 billion

"Paying competitive market-based salaries for corrections staff, utilizing inmate labor to grow prison food, and competitively bidding health care contracts resulting in public prison costs that are as low as private prisons, prisoner costs would be reduced by $1 billion."