Promise Kept rulings on the Deal-O-Meter

Create an Arizona-style immigration law

"I will do what I have done on the federal level and we will take our stand and do what Arizona has done."

Eliminate Georgia's marriage tax penalty

"Nathan Deal has committed to eliminate unfair treatment of married couples under the state income tax system. Strong families benefit our communities, and state policies should always seek to promote marriage rather than see it as a chance to take a few more dollars for the treasury."

Enhance storage capacity for the state's water resources

"In conjunction with strong conservation efforts to maximize the usage of existing water infrastructure, additional storage capacity is essential in addressing our long-term needs as a growing state."

Will build more HOV/toll lanes

Supports High Occupancy Toll lanes for NEW construction to give commuters greater choice and to expand capacity.

Put his personal assets into a blind trust

"Will carry this (ethics) policy into the office of the governor and will put his personal assets into a blind trust to ensure conflicts of interest do not exist."

Create a program to spur business development

Create Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) program to fuel research and development