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Letter from Bishop Ron McRae

Mr. Farley,

I have read a multitude of pro and con articles concerning the taped interview of Sarah, which most of both views, fail in a truly factual desire to discover anything beyond authors’ of those articles pre-conceived notions and beliefs about Obama’s birth prior to listening to the tape. The taped interview is only a small fraction of evidence, and honestly should only be used as perhaps an introductory to a much deeper issue than just Sarah’s initial response, or the exasperated attempts of her other grandson, who was the second translator to correct the verbal response of Sarah.

People want to ignore the fact, that there were two translators present on that phone interview. One was a step grandson of Sarah, and the other was our National Evangelist Kweli Shuhubia. His sworn affidavit has been submitted to the United States Supreme Court as well as my own. The question that I asked Sarah, was repeated to her twice, and both times she adamantly answered very proudly that yes she was present in Mombassa, Kenya when Barack Obama was born. Upon Sarah’s two admissions to having been present when Barach Obama was born in Kenya, her step grandson realizes the seriousness of his grandmother’s response and immediately begins to respond to the contrary, while moving his hand towards his grandmother’s mouth to silence her from saying anything further, while he tries to answer my pointed questions himself and correct what his grandmother has revealed. You see Mr. Farley, we have witnesses that were present during that conversation, including police officers and soldiers. All of my subsequent questions concerning Obama’s birth were not translated to Sarah, but the step grandson insisted on replying immediately to me himself in English, while continuing to move his hand towards Sarah’s mouth motioning her to be quite.

The only portion of the conversation and questioning that Sarah was allowed to respond to me about was the initial question if she was present when Barack Obama was born in Kenya. To that question she clearly responded twice, that Barack Obama was born in Mombassa, Kenya and that she was present when he was born. Mr. Farley, Sarah Obama is not a liar, and she is not ignorant or stupid. The most important aspect of her life and history as a mother and a grandmother is not just that her grandson is president of the United States, but that she was present when he was born. That is a culturally significant aspect of Kenyan life, that the grandmother be present to witness the actual birth of her grandchildren. She is not going to lie about that for anyone, including her famous grandson. For the grandmother to be a witness to the birth of her grandchildren is more important to African life, that the presence of the physician.

I have copies of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. He was 7 pounds and 1 ounce, 18 inches long, and was 6 inches across his shoulders. The certificate is easily enough proven true or false, if Barack Obama wants to clear the record. His Kenyan birth certificate contains his feet print for his right foot. Now, lets just put everything to rest, and verify his foot print with the Kenyan record. Let Mr. Obama come forward and allow an independent expert in finger/foot printing technology take his foot prints before a panel of witnesses and examine the evidence from the Kenyan birth records. If there is not a match, I will personally lead the effort in telling everyone to shut about it, and let him be president.

Concerning my view of Barack Obama, he has performed as good as any of his predecessors in shouldering the blame for everything that is wrong in America. Concerning anything in his past as a muslim or a sinner, is of no concern to me, and I am not interested in his moral failures as a young man. As far as him being a Christian, he is not one. He is openly a better muslim than he is a Christian, and I would expound upon those testaments if you would like. Concerning my stand upon his presidency, I have no stand, for I do not consider him president, would not give any allegiance to him or demonstrate any regard for him or any document he signs, until he is man enough to step forward and prove his grandmother a liar. The Kenyan people are a grand people, but it is the most treacherous, and damnable lie that one can tell that makes his own grandmother out to be an ignorant native at best, or a liar at worst. To refuse the truth about one’s place of birth, is the lowest of moral character known to man, in any country.

Mr. Farley, I am a Christian and a preacher. I do not involve myself into politics, and could care less about the corruption or lack of it that promotes any citizen to the office of President of these United States. It is of no concern of mine that Congress, the Supreme Court or this entire nation ignores the Constitutional requirement to be a natural born citizen in order to be President. But I cannot tolerate a liar and a fraud, especially one so low as to dishonor his grandmother, or his father in denying the truth about his actual place of birth. That is the only issue this preacher has involved himself with in regards to Barack Obama. Until he steps forward and acknowledges his grandmother, and tells the truth, this preacher will continue to do what is not him to do or tell, “for you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). I enjoy being free! Until Mr. Obama accepts or tells the truth, the lie will bind him hand and foot like a slave to his own conscience.

By the grace of God alone,

Ron McRae
Presiding Bishop
Anabaptists Churches Worldwide