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Republican from Texas

Pete Sessions, who represents a Dallas-area district in the U.S. House, was initially elected to Congress in 1996.

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Pete Sessions’ ‘murders every day’ claim about immigrants released by Obama

Remember last summer’s Pants on Fire claims about immigrants committing 3,000 murders in Texas?


A similar claim singling out Barack Obama just drew four Pinnochio's from The Washington Posts Fact Checker which also revealed the state of Texas has reconfigured its data.


(See video of Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, making his statement at the 23:29 mark of the video posted above this story or go directly here.)

The fact-checked skinny on Pete Sessions of Texas

Now that Jeb Hensarling has reportedly decided not to to bid for House majority leader, fellow Dallas Republican Pete Sessions is the Texan in the mix, according to news reports today.

Sessions has previously been fact-checked -- and also figured into our look into whether he raised campaign money at an adult club.