Promises about Economy on Linc-O-Meter

Make the governor's office the center of planning for development projects

"I will take the lead in driving growth in Rhode Island. I will make the governor’s office the center for planning and marketing exciting new development opportunities in Rhode Island’s key growth centers, especially the 20 acres in Providence’s Jewelry District opened up by the relocation of I-195, the new Station District at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, Quonset Point Industrial Park in North Kingstown and 30 acres abutting Naval Station Newport next to the Newport Bridge."

Make major infrastructure improvements, including super high-speed Internet access

"Clustering our economic development strategy will allow us to create a critical mass for growth. In addition, we can target major infrastructure improvements, such as super high-speed Internet connectivity, that will attract businesses just as traditional transportation systems attract business."

Direct Economic Development Corporation to develop plans for small and medium size businesses

"I will instruct the director of the EDC to develop a small and medium size business service plan within 30 days."

Make group health benefits available to independent workers

"I will present legislation that will make group health benefits available to independent workers, as they are in New York."

Will audit all economic development tax deals

"I will conduct audits of all economic development tax deals. We need to stop the bleeding of state resources through tax credit programs that have no discernible impact."

Reform and redirect loan guarantee fund for economic development

"I will introduce legislation to reform and redirect the $125 million Loan Guarantee Fund."

Direct Economic Development Corporation to develop library for small businesses to help them make business decisions

Chafee has pledged to direct the EDC to “create a library of information to allow small businesses to have access to the same information large businesses have in making business decisions. ... These databases are usually only financially available to large businesses, leaving small businesses at a disadvantage. This approach has doubled the number of jobs and tripled sales tax revenues in similar businesses where it has been implemented."

Lower taxes on personal income and corporate profits when economy improves

"When the economy improves, Chafee backs lowering taxes on personal income and corporate profits."

Conduct nationwide competition to solicit job creation proposals

Chafee will "Conduct a nationwide business plan competition (similar to a Request for Proposal (RFP) process) that solicits innovative job creation proposals from compelling businesses and entrepreneurs interested in establishing, relocating or expanding their business in Rhode Island."

Give independent contract workers access to the state system to enforce wage claims.

Give independent contract workers "access to Department of Labor and Training (DLT) procedures to enforce wage claims."