Again, where was Obama born?

This video appears to show U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthhold talking about the House, Senate and impeaching President Barack Obama.

A Texas U.S. House member, Republican Blake Farenthold of Corpus Christi, reportedly said over the weekend there are sufficient votes in the House to approve articles of impeachment against Barack Obama over where the Democratic president was born.

Politico, drawing on a video initially posted by BuzzFeed, sketches out the particulars here including Farenthold saying that even if the House has the votes to impeach Obama, there would be little value to sending the matter to the Democratic-majority Senate.

We personally don’t know if Farenthold even made these remarks. But in the past, PolitiFact researchers and others have found no basis for claims that Obama was born anywhere but Honolulu, Hawaii.

Refresh your memories with the pair of Texas-rooted fact checks to the right. Many more by PolitiFact are arrayed here.



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