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By W. Gardner Selby February 27, 2015

Abbott calls for $4 billion cut in franchise, property taxes

Accepting the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Greg Abbott told delegates to the party's June 2014 state convention: "And your property taxes must be reduced so that you can actually own your own home."

Abbott elaborated on his vow in his February 2015 State of the State address to lawmakers, saying: "I will reject any budget that does not include genuine tax relief for Texas employers and job creators. And I will also insist on property tax reduction for Texans." He went on to say his own plan envisions a $2 billion reduction in the state's business franchise tax and a $2.2 billion cut in property taxes.

By late that month, Republican leaders of the House and Senate had vowed to reach agreement on cuts in franchise and property taxes adding up to a combined $4 billion-plus.

In light of these developments, we're marking Abbott's tax-cut Promise as In the Works.

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