Compromise rulings on the Abbott-O-Meter

Allow parents to petition state to change campus management after two years of poor results

Parents currently cannot seek state intervention until schools have performed inadequately for five years. This should change to two years.

Create Texas Achievement School District to take over worst elementary schools

Schools eligible to be placed in "achievement districts" would consist of the bottom 15 elementary or charter school campuses with an F rating from the state for two straight years.

Require school districts with prekindergarten to assess student performance twice annually

Districts would choose methods of assessing prekindergarten students at the start and finish of each school year from a list of approaches developed by the state.

Mandate block scheduling for two-year associate degree programs

"After students choose a program or major, they will choose a morning or evening schedule instead of picking individual courses."

Require some public colleges to accept credits earned at community colleges

"Allowing credits to transfer more freely enables aspiring students to take advantage of junior and community college cost savings."