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Promises about Ethics on Abbott-O-Meter

Require state elected officials to disclose more about personal sources of income, contracts

"I'm proposing that all state elected officials be required to disclose more about their sources of income and to disclose any contracts they, or their family members, have with state agencies or local government bodies."

Eliminate loopholes that allow legislators to vote on legislation financially benefiting themselves

Abbott wants state law amended to restrict legislators from voting on legislation with "any pecuniary gain through employment, contracts, subcontracts, contingency fees, referral fees, or agreements."

Limit legislators who are lawyers from making money from lawsuit referrals

This prohibition would apply to legislators and statewide elected officials licensed by the State Bar of Texas. "Violation of this requirement would be a Class A misdemeanor."

Ban school districts from hiring lobbyists to lobby legislators for more funding

"Using your money to lobby for more of your money is a conflict of interest. It needs to stop. School districts should directly represent the needs of their schools at the Legislature and not waste taxpayer resources on lobbyists."