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Promises about Health Care on Abbott-O-Meter

Bar state government from setting up an Obamacare marketplace/exchange

Texas, which also should bar state resources and personnel from enforcing or implementing the Obamacare law, is among states that leave its Obamacare marketplace to the federal government.

Focus additional spending on cancer screenings and treatment for low-income Texans

"Because this is strategic spending on certain areas, it should reduce the cost of health care in the state in the long term." Abbott specified his desire to spend $50 million more on women's health care.

Fund Medicaid by block grants

"The one-size-fits-all approach, mandated from Washington, D.C., and the Medicaid system, does not help Texas address the unique needs of the diverse population we have in this state."

Fund treatment for postpartum depression for low-income mothers

"As a starting point, the coverage period for postpartum doctor visits for the mother under" the Children's Health Insurance Program's perinatal coverage "should be extended from 60 days to up to one year." Abbott calls for spending $3 million more over two years.

Abbott: Texas needs law barring state spending to implement Obamacare law

Pass a state law barring state resources including personnel from being employed to implement or enforce the Obamacare law.