Devote the first 100 days to long-term issues

"Up to the first 100 days of the new Council should be devoted to framing the long-term issues."


Web page, Steve Adler campaign, “Governance” (undated)


Adler convenes deep-dive council briefings

While juggling regular Austin City Council meetings, Mayor Steve Adler has held true to a pledge to devote the first 100 days to long-term issues, or as he's calling it lately: policy deep dives. On Jan. 22, 2015, the City Council began holding policy sessions, educating themselves on seven topics ranging from environmental issues to transportation. There are 12 more policy discussions scheduled through March.

Adler's idea was to give the newly-reformulated 10-member council (plus the mayor) breathing room to understand the onslaught of issues lobbed at any given council meeting. All but one of the city's elected leaders are new to the council dais.

Given this activity, we're marking this a Promise Kept.


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