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Attorney Steve Adler won election as mayor of Austin in December 2014, drawing 67 percent of the vote in a December 2014 runoff. He was sworn in Jan. 6, 2015. He sought re-election in 2018.

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Austin Mayor Steve Adler fulfills five campaign promises, breaks one

In his first year, Austin Mayor Steve Adler kept about a third of 16 campaign promises we're tracking on the PolitiFact Texas Adler-O-Meter.


Adler also had a promise rated STALLED and three promises graded IN THE WORKS. Adler's one BROKEN promise was his unfulfilled idea to have the Austin City Council jointly visit council districts.


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In campaign, Steve Adler promised to resolve recycled-water conflict that was already settling out

Color us purple.


We're removing a recycled-water promise by Austin Mayor Steve Adler from the Adler-O-Meter, which gauges progress on his campaign promises. A reader helped us realize problems declared by Adler were being addressed before he took office. Read the deets...

Introducing the Adler-O-Meter

City Hall reporters for the Austin American-Statesman have helped us launch a meter to track progress on Austin Mayor Steve Adler's campaign promises -- all of them yet to be rated.

Austin Mayor-elect Steve Adler on the Texas Truth-O-Meter

Steve Adler, set to be sworn in as Austin's mayor in January, already has a record on the Texas Truth-O-Meter.


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