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Promises about Education on Perry-O-Meter

Double Texas-Science, Technology, Engineering and Math academies

"Double the number of Texas-Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (T-STEM) academies from 46 to 92, significantly increasing the number of students attending the academies."

Create $100 million Texas-Science, Technology, Engineering and Math scholarship fund

"Create a $100 million T-STEM Challenge Scholarship for students at universities, community colleges and technical colleges pursuing degrees and certifications in the science, technology, engineering, math or medical fields."

Expand Advanced Placement training program to 50 additional high schools

"Expand the Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program to 50 additional high schools."

Require students to stay in high school or be earning GED to keep driver's license

In "order for high school-aged individuals to get and keep a driver's license they should be enrolled in school, be it bricks and mortar or our virtual high school, and, most importantly, working toward their diploma or GED."

Expand Texas Virtual School Network

"Secure $5 million to enhance Texas Virtual School Network so it serves more students and districts are encouraged to participate and contract with private course providers to expand course offerings."

Provide business tax credit to help workers get high-school diplomas

Offer businesses a tax incentive of $1,500 for each full-time employee who earns a high school diploma or GED. Business would be required to grant their employees two hours a week of paid time off to study or attend class.

Freeze public-college tuition increases for four years

"To make education even stronger I have proposed several initiatives, which include... implementing a four-year tuition freeze at state universities..."

Pursue state aid to pay share of education center at Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington

"I will work with the legislature to ensure Texas does its part to make this dream a reality by pursuing an appropriation that will enable Texas to bear its fair share of the project's costs."

Secure $830 million in federal education funding denied to Texas because of non-compliance with congressional amendment requiring state to spend the aid on public education.

"I will continue to work with the Department of Education to secure" $830 million in education aid that is in limbo because of a standoff over a congressional requirement that Texas commit to spending the money on public schools.