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Promises we’ve rated recently

Use a national commission to address policing issues

The Promise:

"I promise you there will be a national commission on policing out of the White House where I’ll bring everyone to the table, including police chiefs, including civil rights activists, including the NAACP, including the African, the Latino community. We’re going to sit down there and we’re going to work it out."

Update: Following Tyre Nichols’ death, Biden reiterates call for police reform

Make HBCUs, TCUs, and under-resourced MSIs more affordable for their students

The Promise:

"Make HBCUs, TCUs, and under-resourced MSIs more affordable for their students. The Biden plan will invest $18 billion in grants to these four-year schools, equivalent to up to two years of tuition per low-income and middle class student, including DREAMers and students who transfer to a four-year HBCU, TCU, or MSI from a tuition-free community college."

Update: With grants, debt relief Biden boosts affordability for minority-serving colleges

Create a pathway to citizenship for nearly 11 million people

The Promise:

"Joe Biden will work with Congress to pass legislation that creates a roadmap to citizenship for the nearly 11 million people who have been living in and strengthening our country for years."

Update: Biden stalls on citizenship promise for 11 million immigrants illegally in the US

Eliminate mandatory minimums for criminals

The Promise:

"Biden supports an end to mandatory minimums. As president, he will work for the passage of legislation to repeal mandatory minimums at the federal level. And, he will give states incentives to repeal their mandatory minimums.

Update: Attorney General Garland’s memos are a step toward eliminating mandatory minimums

Protect military personnel and veterans from deportation

The Promise:

"Protect undocumented members of our armed services, veterans, and their spouses from deportation, because if you are willing to risk your life for this country, you and your family have earned the chance to live safe, healthy, and productive lives in America. ... Biden will not target the men and women who served in uniform, or their families, for deportation."

Update: New ICE policy intended to protect veterans from deportation, advancing Biden’s promise

Double number of immigration judges and staff

The Promise:

"Double the number of immigration judges, court staff, and interpreters."

Update: Biden still hasn't doubled number of immigration judges, but more judges have been seated

Rebuild health stockpiles to be ready for crises

The Promise:

"Rebuild critical stockpiles, ensure adequate surge manufacturing capacity in times of crisis, and regularly review supply chain vulnerabilities."

Update: Funding to rebuild health stockpiles has increased under Biden, but more work needed to meet promise

Improve Obamacare

The Promise:

"I’ll not only restore Obamacare, I’ll build on it."

Update: Numbers don’t lie. Biden kept his promise to restore, build on Obamacare

Reduce high maternal mortality rate

The Promise:

"Reduce our unacceptably high maternal mortality rate, which disproportionately impacts Native mothers. From 2007 to 2016 Native women were 2.3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women. California came up with a strategy that halved the state’s maternal death rate. As president, Biden will reduce our unacceptably high maternal mortality rate, starting by taking the California strategy nationwide."

Update: Health experts applaud Biden’s efforts to reduce maternal mortality rate, but results may take years

End wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East

The Promise:

"Biden will end the forever wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, which have cost us untold blood and treasure. As he has long argued, Biden will bring the vast majority of our troops home from Afghanistan and narrowly focus our mission on Al-Qaeda and ISIS. And he will end our support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen."

Update: U.S. is out of Afghanistan; involvement in Yemen is reduced but continues

Create national center to reduce veteran suicide

The Promise:

"Create a national center of excellence for reducing veteran suicide, similar to the National Center on Homelessness among Veterans."

Update: Biden administration has continued efforts to reduce veteran suicides

Lower cost of prescription drugs

The Promise:

"I’m going to lower prescription drugs by 60%, and that’s the truth."

Update: Biden policies move needle on lowering drug pricing, but more needs to be done to fulfill promise

Give disadvantaged communities 40% of spending benefits related to clean energy

The Promise:

"Setting a goal that disadvantaged communities receive 40% of overall benefits of spending in the areas of clean energy and energy efficiency deployment; clean transit and transportation; affordable and sustainable housing; training and workforce development; remediation and reduction of legacy pollution; and development of critical clean water infrastructure."

Update: Biden’s pledge for clean energy investment is in the works, but lacks system to track spending

Increase access to VA care beyond 5-year eligibility for combat veterans

The Promise:

"President Biden will also increase access to VA care beyond the 5-year eligibility window for combat veterans, as conditions related to toxic exposure may take many years to manifest."

Update: Biden kept promise on increasing access to care for veterans

Restore Cuba engagement

The Promise:

“Yes, I would. In large part, I would go back,” Biden said. “I’d still insist they keep the commitments they said they would make when we, in fact, set the policy in place.”

Update: Biden moves on promise to re-engage with Cuba, but not as far as Obama