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Miriam Valverde
By Miriam Valverde January 21, 2021

Joe Biden signs proclamation revoking Trump’s travel ban

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden delivered on his promise to end Trump-era executive actions that denied nationals of several Muslim-majority countries entry into the United States.

The travel ban was one of former President Donald Trump's most controversial actions. The initial rollout in January 2017 caused chaos and confusion at airports, and it took Trump three tries to get an order that eventually withstood legal scrutiny from the U.S. Supreme Court, despite rulings against it from lower courts.

The Trump administration argued that the entry restrictions were rooted in national security concerns. Biden and critics called it a "Muslim ban," since it applied to multiple Muslim-majority countries.

By the time Trump left office, visa restrictions remained for nationals of Yemen, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Sudan.

Biden, through a proclamation, revoked an executive order and proclamations signed by Trump related to the travel ban, and directed the State Department to resume processing visas for people affected by the ban.

Biden's proclamation also called for a review of screening procedures for people seeking entry into the United States, a review of foreign government information-sharing practices, and requested recommendations to improve screening and vetting activities.

"Make no mistake, where there are threats to our nation, we will address them. Where there are opportunities to strengthen information-sharing with partners, we will pursue them," Biden's Jan. 20 proclamation said. "And when visa applicants request entry to the United States, we will apply a rigorous, individualized vetting system. But we will not turn our backs on our values with discriminatory bans on entry into the United States."

Biden promised to get rid of Trump's "Muslim bans." Biden's proclamation revoked the travel restrictions set by his predecessor. We rate this a Promise Kept.

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