The Obameter

Encourage water-conservation efforts in the West

Will "support federal policies to encourage voluntary water banks, wastewater treatment, and other market-based conservation measures" to address the water shortage in western states.


Obama gives out grants for water treatment

Drought it no stranger to the Western United States, so on the campaign trail, Barack Obama promised to improve the region's water supply.
So far, the administration has focused on stimulus funding to help advance this goal.
First, about $175 million was included in the stimulus bill for water conservation, according to the Department of the Interior. Of that, $135 million is being used for water reclamation and reuse projects in the West, as well as grants to improve water efficiency and conservation.
Many of the projects are located in California, including a water recycling project in Chino and a groundwater treatment program in Irvine. About $2.5 million is going to a water reclamation project in New Mexico.
So, Obama said he would invest in water conservation efforts in the West, and the stimulus bill advances this pledge. As a result, we give Obama a Promise Kept.

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