The Obameter

Increase funding for the Environmental Protection Agency

"That's why I am committed to pursuing greater funding for the EPA so that its
responsibilities are carried out. Clean water, land and air, and ensuring the health and safety of
our citizens, especially children, will be high priorities in an Obama Administration."


EPA gets a funding boost

The Environmental Protection Agency just got some love from Congress.
On the campaign trail, President Barack Obama promised to boost funding for the agency, which oversees efforts to make our water, land and air cleaner, and a bill he signed on Oct. 30, 2009, does just that.
The EPA will get $10.3 billion during fiscal year 2010; that's about $2.7 billion more than the last budget cycle.
Included in that funding is $3.6 billion will help communities clean up water and wastewater systems; $1.5 billion to clean up toxic waste sites; and $385 million for global climate change efforts.
Obama said he would increase EPA's budget and he did. We rate this a Promise Kept.


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