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Men named “William” holding statewide elected office in Florida (some were appointed, some elected)

William Dunn Moseley (1845–1849)
William Marvin (1865–1865)
William Dunnington Bloxham (1881–1885) and (1897–1901)
William Sherman Jennings (1901–1905)
William Haydon Burns (1965–1967)

BONUS: Territorial governor
William Pope Duval (1822-1834)

U.S. Senator
William James Bryan (1907-1908)
William Hall Milton (1908-1909)
William Luther Hill (1936)
Clarence William “Bill” Nelson (2001 – Present)

Agriculture commissioner
William Allen McRae (1912-1923)

Attorney general
William A. Cocke (1873-1877)
William B. Lamar 1889-1903)
William H. Ellis (1904-1909)

Secretary of State (elected until 2003)
William D. Bloxham (1877-1880)
William Monroe Igou (1929-1930)

Comptroller (elected until 2003)
William D. Barnes (1881-1890)
William D. Bloxham (1890-1897)
William H. Reynolds (1897-1901)
William V. Knott (1912-1917)

Education commissioner (elected until 2003)
William Penn Haisley (1877–1881)
William N. Sheats (1893–1905) and (1913–1922)
William M. Holloway (1905–1913)
William S. Cawthon (1922–1937)

Treasurer/Insurance Commissioner/Fire Marshal (elected until 2003)
William R. Hayward (1848-1853)
William V. Knott (1903-1912) and (1928-1941)
William D. "Bill" Gunter Jr. (1976-1989)
Clarence William "Bill" Nelson (1995-2001)

Public Service Commissioners (elected until 1979)
William Himes (1887-1891)
William T. Mayo (1964-1980)
William H. Bevis (1971-1978)

Lieutenant governor (elected independently until 1889)
William W. J. Kelly (1865-1868)
William Henry Gleason (1868-1870)

Supreme Court justice (elected 1853-1868, 1885-1940)
William A. Forward (1860-1865)
William A. Hocker (1903-1915)
William H. Ellis (1915-1938)
William Glenn Terrell (1923-1964)