Create ‘blue-ribbon’ panel on Veterans Trust Fund solvency

“As governor, Tony will: Convene a blue-ribbon commission to address the solvency issues facing the Veterans Trust Fund.”

Editor’s note: In tracking this promises, we will start with the assumption that Gov. Evers wants a full report and practical results. We will monitor whether the panel meets, takes action, etc.

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Veterans fund not addressed so far

Gov. Tony Evers' push for the state's highest office included a promise to create a commission to study solvency issues for the Veterans Trust Fund.

The fund finances the majority of the programs for the state's Veterans Affairs department, but has faced significant structural deficits in recent years. It was originally funded through a loan program for veterans, but that shut down in 2011.

The 2019-21 budget keeps the trust fund in the black by transferring $29.6 million from the state's general fund over the two year-period.

Keeping this promise would mean convening the committee, holding regular meetings and ultimately taking action or making a report.

So far, Evers has not taken any action on the commission, which could be created by executive order. In other words, it does not need the support of the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Evers spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff said to look for progress on this in the coming months.

We rate this promise Stalled.


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