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By Dave Umhoefer July 25, 2011

Walker's opposition to the smoking ban went up in smoke

Gov. Scott Walker was against the statewide indoor smoking ban before he was for it.

As a candidate for governor in 2010, Walker made clear he had opposed the ban, which went into effect in July 2010 under then-Gov. Jim Doyle. At first, Walker said on the campaign trail it was premature to repeal the ban. Then he switched his approach under pressure from Republican rival Mark Neumann.

"I don't think the government should have been involved in a smoking ban in the first place, and as governor, I would sign a repeal of this law," Walker said in the fall 2010 campaign.

That landed the smoking ban on the Walk-O-Meter.

As governor, Walker reversed course after hearing from state residents.

"Although I did not support the original smoking ban, after listening to people across the state, it is clear to me that it works," Walker said in a June 30, 2011 statement. "Therefore I will not support a repeal.”

Walker said he would support repeal, but has now clearly signaled he will not.

That"s a Promise Broken.

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