Repeal 2009 income tax increase on wealthiest taxpayers

In a conference call Monday (Nov. 2, 2009) with reporters, Walker said his first budget would undo tax increases approved this year by the Legislature. This year's state budget included increases in business taxes; the capital gains tax; and the income tax for the wealthiest residents. Walker said he would do away with those increases.

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It may happen later, but wasn't part of first budget as promised

Gov. Scott Walker made multiple tax-cut pledges during his successful 2010 campaign, ones that touched on just about almost every major tax.

Early in the campaign, in late 2009, he made a blanket pledge to -- in his first budget -- erase the tax hikes approved by Democrats and then-Gov. Jim Doyle earlier that year.

One of those increases was a new income-tax bracket for high earners. The move created a 7.75 percent tax bracket for single taxpayers with incomes of $225,000 and more, and for married couples filing jointly with incomes of $300,000 and more.

Walker specifically mentioned the income tax hike for wealthy earners when he promised to wipe out the Doyle tax hikes in his first budget.

Since taking office, Walker has successfully pushed for tax breaks for business, as well as a property tax freeze at the local level. His first budget was balanced largely -- although not completely -- without tax increases.

Walker is considering undoing the new bracket in the future, said spokesman Cullen Werwie.

But the governor did not seek in his first budget to undo the new income tax bracket.

That rates as a Promise Broken.


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