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Promise Broken rulings on the Walk-O-Meter

Freeze technical college tuition for two years

In his second term plan called Continuing Wisconsin’s Comeback, Governor Walker outlines his strategy to help people “Learn More to Earn More.” This includes an additional two-year tuition freeze for the UW System, as well as a two-year freeze for Wisconsin’s technical college system.

Increase availability of tuition tax credits for certain students

Commit to growing those eligible for and benefitting from the Tuition Tax Deduction so students who stay and work in Wisconsin gain assistance paying for college.

Universal access to college courses

Expand course options so no child, regardless of where they live or their income will be denied the same opportunity other students have to access college level courses of their choosing.

Repeal the Common Core State Standards for schools

Walker said he would move to replace the Common Core State Standards in Wisconsin in January if he is re-elected. Speaking to media on a campaign stop in the Wisconsin Dells, Walker said he believes the Common Core guidelines do not provide state educators, civic leaders and parents with enough say in determining what children should be learning at each grade level. The Governor said he would include a repeal of Common Core as part of a broader package aimed at improving schools he will bring to the legislature in January if re-elected.

Work with utilities to reduce the cost of energy for homeowners and employers

Work with utilities to reduce the cost of energy for the benefit of employers and homeowners alike. Governor Walker is committed to keeping utility rates low so employers have more revenue to put into job creation, not energy costs.

Sell unneeded state assets for state debt reduction

Work to identify unneeded state assets and sell them to reduce costs. Use the proceeds to pay down state debt.