Friday, September 4th, 2015

Fact-checking the Republican primary

Connie Mack IV campaigned with Mitt Romney in Dunedin on June 14. (Tampa Bay Times photo)
Connie Mack IV campaigned with Mitt Romney in Dunedin on June 14. (Tampa Bay Times photo)

As Florida's primary on August 14 nears, the competition is heating up. Here at PolitiFact Florida, we've fact-checked three races where Republicans are competing against each other for their party's nomination.

• In the race for U.S. Senate, Dave Weldon has accused Connie Mack IV of missing too many votes in Congress. (Mack currently serves in the U.S. House of Represenatives.) A robocall from the Weldon campaign claimed that Mack has missed "almost have his votes" since the beginning of this year. We found Weldon relied on out-of-date information for his attack. We rated the statement Mostly False.

• In Florida's 7th Congressional District, two incumbents are facing off after redistricting pitted them against each other. John Mica accused Sandy Adams of approving President Barack Obama's stimulus. But Adams wasn't even in Congress when the House voted on the stimulus. We rated Mica's claim Pants on Fire.

• In the state Legislature, two Republicans are vying for the Senate seat representing District 22, and outside groups have launched attacks against each candidate. Jim Frishe was accused of wanting "to tax us for doing our taxes." We rated that True. Jeff Brandes, on the other hand, is accused of voting to allow Citizens Property Insurance to dump policies onto "out-of-state, unregulated private companies." We rated that Mostly True.

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