Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Promise Broken rulings on the Krise-O-Meter

Have pier task force recommendations by April 2014

"I will ask them (an appointed committee) to submit their recommendations no later than April 2, 2014, with the goal of having a final design in place within the first nine months of my administration."

Have new pier built by end of 2015

Q: Do you support or oppose the ballot question that would cancel the contract for the new Pier, and why? If voters approve the ballot question and the contract is canceled, what should the city do next? A: "My goal would be for the designs to be reviewed, narrowed down, and sent to council by September of 2014. In short, I will: Get to work on November 6th on appointing a new task force (with cooperation from the current administration). Instruct the task force to complete their work within the first three months of my administration. Ensure that we have a final design in place within the first nine months of my administration, and work with the architect to have the new pier built by the end of 2015."

Utilize red-light cameras at most dangerous intersections for safety, not revenue

Q: Name three policies pushed by Mayor Bill Foster during his administration that you support and would advocate continuing. Name three others that you would want to change. A: "I will utilize red light cameras at the most dangerous intersections for the purposes of public safety, not revenue."