Promises about Education on Scott-O-Meter

Include universities in state economic development grants

"Partner with universities... State economic development grants will always include partnerships with universities to develop research strengths into unique clusters."

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Pay teachers based on performance (merit pay)

"We need to support our hard working, dedicated teachers who understand the importance of getting good results. I believe we should hold people accountable for those results and when they produce, they should be rewarded. In business, we judge that by the quality of work people produce. In the same way, a 'merit pay' plan would reward high-performing teachers and hold school administrators accountable, while under-performing teachers would be challenged to improve."

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Eliminate tenure for new teachers

“Why would it be that teachers are guaranteed their jobs for life? If you were guaranteed — you didn’t have to do anything, just showed up, and you didn’t have any obligation other than showing up every day — you think you would get better or worse? Right. This stuff is not hard. So we have a big opportunity.”

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Include use of technology in teacher evaluations

"The assessment of teacher quality must include the incorporation of change in the classroom. The incorporation of technology, new delivery media, societal change all impact learning styles and ultimately the ability of our students to meet the ever-changing requirements in the workforce."

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Provide parents with annual financial reports on schools

"Our schools should provide to all parents a concise easy to understand financial statement about how much resources the school received and how the money was spent and what the academic outcomes were for the year. To make it even more relevant the data will be compared with other schools in the district and with other schools across the state."

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Expand school options for parents

"I want to offer parents a menu of options for their children, including but not limited to charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and virtual schools. I want to create an educational program that will allow parents to get creative in how to meet the distinctive needs of their children."

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Ensure that voluntary pre-K program includes private or faith-based providers

"Last year nearly 6,000 providers served children in the VPK (Voluntary Pre-K) program. About 82 percent of those providers were private and/or faith based. I want to ensure that parents continue to have these choices of providers."

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New classification for charter schools

"We would propose legislation to develop a new classification of differentiated charter schools: High Performing Charter Schools. These would be charter schools that have excelled both academically and operationally. We would provide greater operational flexibility, expedited approval processes and flexibility in enrolling students."

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Authorize virtual charter schools as an option

"I propose to ensure all students are afforded a choice to attend school virtually, full or part time — authorizing virtual charter schools and statewide virtual education programs with open enrollment for all Florida students with funding following the student... essentially creating a statewide 68th school district."

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Create "knowledge center " for teaching

"I propose to create a centralized knowledge center to ensure teachers and students have access to the highest quality virtual content available, shared curriculum and best practices while maintaining consistency in delivery systems, instructional models, requirements, quality, funding and accountability."

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Preserve Florida Resident Access Grants

"Since almost 50 percent of the recipients of FRAG (Florida Resident Access Grants) are the first in their families to attend college, I am committed to preserving how important this program is in creating access to success in Florida."

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Support university-private partnerships

"I support the State University System partnering with government and private industry to pursue advanced applications, production and research in sustainable energy endeavor. Therefore we will pursue additional programs such as the FHTCC throughout the state." *(Florida High Technology Corridor Council)

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