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"I’ve got a 94 percent" career voting record in Congress while Bill Nelson has "a 92 percent voting record."

In 2008, Charlie Crist ‘"applauded the pick of Sarah Palin and said she would do ‘a great job.’"

Says women care most about jobs and the economy

"If you look at the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country, it is net zero. It's been that way now for almost two years."

Florida has "more concealed weapons permits than any other state."

The property appraiser's budget "is $1 million less today than when I took office 16 years ago."

Twenty two years ago, when he was running for governor, Bill Nelson missed 56 percent of his votes in the U.S. House.

Says Jim Frishe wanted to "tax us for doing our taxes" through an accountant.

In 2008, "33.2 percent of those who voted early on the last Sunday before Election Day were African-American, while 23.6 percent were Hispanic."

"A million people a year come into the U.S. legally. No other country even comes close to that figure."

"In the 2000 Florida election, at least 1,100 eligible voters were wrongly dropped from voting rolls in an attempt to purge a list of felons. Many of those who were dropped showed up to vote and were told they could not."

Obama promised to cut the deficit by half by the end of his first term but he "hasn't even come close."

Says George LeMieux was one of two Republicans who voted for President Barack Obama's jobs bill.

Says that U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio says troops are leaving Iraq "too fast."

"We are at a 40-year low in our crime rate in our state."

"98 percent of American families" make "under $250,000 a year."

"When we passed (the stand your ground law), we said it portends horrific events when people's lives were put into these situations."

Says Barack Obama "promised he would cut the deficit in half" but didn’t.

Pasco County schools have graduation rates "substantially higher than the state average" and dropout rates "below the state average."

"Florida ranks 45th" in the nation for tuition.

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