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Promises about Education on Deal-O-Meter

Will protect teacher pensions

Will "protect their retirement pensions from a return to Barnes-style investments that would put their financial security at risk."

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Will continue Sonny Perdue's implementation of Race to the Top program

"As governor, I will convene teachers, parents, elected officials and education leaders from the 26 school districts involved to assure that Race to the Top funds are implemented effectively, so that we capitalize on our successes and implement them elsewhere in Georgia."

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Allow students to progress to higher levels without having to complete unnecessary hours

Deal's plan would allow students to progress to higher levels without having to complete unnecessary hours…"We will no longer tie the hands of students and teachers by imposing arbitrary 'seat time' requirements."

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Develop a plan to encourage the best science, technology, engineering and mathematics students to become teachers

"In order to restore Georgia's competitiveness in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Deal will work with legislators, state and local school officials to develop a STEM Education Student Incentive Plan that will encourage our best and brightest science and math college students to pursue a course of study to become an educator in these fields. These incentives would be repaid over the course of a teacher's service in our public elementary, middle and high schools."

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Allow teachers at underperforming schools accrue service credit at twice the normal rate

"Teachers who agree to dedicate their time in one of our state's most underperforming schools would further be rewarded by accruing service credit at twice the rate, earning two years of credit for each calendar year served."

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Develop a plan for more specialized charter schools

"Develop specialized charter high schools with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math"

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Create an education funding plan

"By June 30, 2011, Nathan Deal and a team of leaders will come up with possible improvements to better fund public education."

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