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Statements we say are Mostly True

Almost 400 arrests in the city last year for panhandling-related offenses involved just 78 suspects, an indication that the same people are panhandling over and over.

"Obamacare will provide coverage for abortions, despite the president’s commitment that it would not."

Says Barack Obama's comments indicate he "believes in redistribution" of wealth.

"Since 2000, only 10 cases of in-person voter fraud have been proven nationally."

Says Georgia will send more state money per child to state charter schools and that budget cuts are not applied to those charter schools.

Says opponents of the health care law  "prevailed on our two main arguments" to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Independent voters have a ten-point margin in favor of Mitt Romney right now."

"NASCAR fans are twice as likely as non fans to serve in the military and 37 percent of active servicemembers and veterans are NASCAR fans."

Voter turnout for some groups in the 2008 presidential general election in Georgia "was far greater than it should have been demographically."

Taxes on groceries and medicine will rise under a plan to improve roads and rail for metro Atlanta.

The U.S. initially had three federal felonies: treason, piracy, and counterfeiting securities and money.

The transportation sales tax would cost the average consumer an estimated $112 a year.

The federal government has made investments in science and technology inventing the products that led to the creation of Google.

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun has not authored any legislation that has been adopted by Congress.

"For every one mile of light-rail track that will be built, 16 miles of new road capacity will be built."  

"Right now, we have the lowest gas tax of anywhere in the country."

The average Atlanta resident "spends an extra $924 each year in additional gasoline and wasted time."

"Lean, finely textured beef is the proper name [not pink slime], and it is a safe, widely used product."

"As the usage [of synthetic marijuana] has dramatically increased, instances of violence, bodily harm and even death have risen with it."

"We have the lowest per-capita spending of any state in the nation" except for South Dakota.

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