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Says pension contributions under Gov. Chris Christie would represent "75 percent of the total contribution made between the years 1995 and 2010. That's right, in 15 years, total state contribution was only $2.1 billion."

Says "we had to cut 13 billion dollars in state spending over two years."

"We've seen in this last year tremendous things happening, including our unemployment rate come down 2 percentage points."

Says "sixty-two percent of small businesses over the last five years went under because they couldn't pay their health care bills."

Says "67 percent of marriages now wind up in divorce."

"The Republicans just voted last year to end Medicare."

"Here's something that people never talk about with coach Schiano: Rutgers had the best graduation rate of any Division I football program in America."

"Our jobless rate, our unemployment rate, is the lowest of all of the big cities in New Jersey."

Says over the last two years, New Jersey Schools Development Authority employees "have not started or completed one single school project, and I’m not talking about major school renovation. I’m talking about replacing boilers, roofs."

"One year today since #GOP took control of the House" and "no new jobs."

Says in Newark "we’re paying 80 percent of the school budget from local property taxes."

"New Jersey taxpayers … will now face the highest tolls in the country."

"Following the catastrophic, cascading collapse of major investment banks on Wall Street in 2007.....Nobody was prosecuted, no hearings were held and no reforms were implemented."

Says in 1944 "we were in debt more than twice as much as we are now."

"While (Chris Christie) talks about job creation, we don't see jobs being created in this state."

Says the state auditor found that 37 percent of the 428,000 students receiving free and reduced-price lunches are ineligible.

"Governor Christie also remains the only Governor since World War II, among both Democrats and Republicans, who failed to have his party win control of at least one legislative body over the course of his term."

"New Jersey alone, my home state, is facing a ten-and-a-half billion dollar shortfall in its 2012 fiscal budget. This means more cuts in state and local spending for education, which means our kids are hurt."

Says state Senate President Stephen "Sweeney gave us the nation's highest income tax rates, driving out jobs."

"Today, the Social Security system is broke."

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