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The deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling will "directly link a debt ceiling increase to spending cuts for the first time ever."

"As we near the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we should not forget that some of the hijackers used New Jersey driver’s licenses to board those aircraft."

"Illegal immigration costs state taxpayers over $3 billion every year."  

Says Democrats cut $35 million from the state budget for Information Technology improvements.

Says New Jersey has fewer jobs since Gov. Chris Christie took office.

Says a new report proves the stimulus supported by N.J. Democrats cost $278,000 per job.

Says Planned Parenthood provides about 140 visits for prenatal care in each state.  

"Only the State of New York spends more money on Medicaid than the State of New Jersey."

"One of the reasons that Budweiser stayed in New Jersey is the money they got from RGGI to put solar on their roof to save on their energy costs."

Gov. Chris Christie owes the state money "for amenities like extra Gorgonzola cheese for his staff on these trips."

Says he can’t release his internal affairs record because there are Attorney General guidelines in place protecting it.

"The state’s tax burden has, according to census figures released today, cost our state another 190,000 residents in 2009."

Says Gov. Chris Christie’s "poll ratings have been going up."

"(New Jersey Network) is the only news station which covers New Jersey government."

After not having any foreign trade offices overseas for the past decade, New Jersey opened offices in Shanghai and London in the past six months, and has seen an 18 percent increase in exports.

The ACLU didn't call for an investigation (of the Newark police department), they called for an immediate federal monitor.

Says Ocean Spray is moving its Bordentown processing facility to Pennsylvania largely because of costs associated with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

"For a young man or woman who is entering the ninth grade in Newark this year, they have a 29 percent graduation rate."

Says Gov. Chris Christie's decision to close the Elizabeth MVC "saved no money."

Says Panasonic stayed in New Jersey because of the Business Retention and Relocation Assistance Grant (BRRAG) program.

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