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Statements we say are Half-True

Says Chris Christie "vetoed" a "jobs package" of "30 bills."

Says in fiscal year 2011, the state had "a projected $11 billion deficit."

"I have the experience as Senate Budget Chair of cutting $4.5 billion in spending -- to close the deficit while protecting education and health care."

Says a new state report "confirms" that red-light cameras "lead to more accidents, more injuries and greater cost."

Says under President Barack Obama, the United States has created "five million jobs."

Says New Jersey lost private-sector jobs between 2000 and 2009 because Democrats increased taxes, fees, regulations and state spending.

Says under U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez’s watch the nation’s unemployment rate and debt doubled and the federal budget deficit quadrupled.

"The income tax that started at 2 percent under Governor Byrne is now 9 percent."

Says Ronald Reagan "was behind in the polls in 1980 going into the debate with Jimmy Carter and then turned around 10 days later and won 40 states."

Says the United States has "the world’s greatest health care system."

Says "taxes were raised 115 times in the eight years before I became governor" and those increases were part of a "path that led to wealth and jobs and people leaving our state."

Says they said "it was impossible to balance a budget at the same time, with an $11 billion deficit" and "we did it."

"I haven't raised taxes in the time I've been the governor of New Jersey."

Says "about 100,000 kids in this country leave their home state and go to another state to be educated. Out of that 100,000 young people, 30,000 of them are from New Jersey, by far the largest amount."

"(The Tax Policy Center) found that Romney would raise taxes on the average middle class family by $2,000 to pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires."

"Guns have murdered more Americans here at home in recent years than have died on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan."

"As we watch the news from Colorado with horror and sympathy for the families, we should remember that each day more than 80 Americans are killed by gunfire, unnecessary tragedies."

Says "our 12 month job increase was the sixth highest in the nation."

"Just remember this: the president's health care bill put 30 million people on health care rolls that weren't there before."

"While the country’s economy was battered, nine states with no income tax actually grew jobs from 2001 to 2010."

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