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Says Chris Christie "has refused to fund pensions by billions of dollars," and got legislative approval to begin "properly funding pensions" in 2018.

Says state Sen. Paul Sarlo "said in February on NJTV, ‘there will be no tax increases in this budget’" and "voted the other night in the Senate Budget Committee to raise income taxes $800 million."

"Just in the past 10 years, college tuition has increased 28 percent."

"In 2011, NJ economy ranked 47th--at the bottom with Alabama, Mississippi & Wyoming. Under Christie, NJ is falling behind."

"It took us four years to balance the budget. Then I gave you four surplus budgets for the first time in more than 70 years, paid $600 billion down on the national debt."

"Women have come through the recession worse off than men … the numbers bear that out. We went from a 7 percent unemployment rate for women when he (President Barack Obama) was elected to an 8.1 percent now."

"New Jersey has the largest transit system in the entire country."

Says New Jersey Devils managing partner Jeff Vanderbeek "froze all those monies during the toughest years in ‘08-’09" and "refused to give the charitable dollars that he was required to give by the contract."

Says when New Jersey adopted guaranteed coverage and cost provisions without a mandate individual health insurance market rates "doubled or tripled" and enrollment dropped from 180,000 people to 80,000 people.

Says "New Jersey has the most educated population of all the states in this country."

Says there have been "well over" 54 million abortions since 1973.

"A clear majority of Americans support removing the cost-sharing requirement for prescription contraceptive coverage."

"They're paying a less rate of tax -- these richest people in America -- than they have in the last 80 years."

"New Jersey has the second highest rate of institutionalization" of people with developmental disabilities "in America. Only Texas puts more of its citizens -- confines more of its citizens -- to institutions than New Jersey. "

"The governor is trying to take credit for recent actions taken by these companies. The problem is that for all three companies, the decision to move or stay in New Jersey happened before Chris Christie became governor."  

Says Chris Christie "inherited the highest taxes in America and the worst unemployment in the region."

"United States of America is twenty-sixth in school performance in the world."

"And by the way, when I was governor, I did make the payment into the pension fund."

"Many types of fish and shellfish from waters across the state are labeled unsafe to eat." 

"In 1958, there were 16 states in this country that prohibited -- prohibited -- an African-American and a Caucasian from being married."

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