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The last three days of early voting "happen to be the most populated days of voting that we have in early voting."

Says he "earned the highest possible credit ratings as state treasurer."

Says Ohio law gives tax breaks "to rich people who own private jets."

Since 2009, the Ohio Republican Party has made more contacts with voters — nearly 6.6 million — than any other GOP state organization in the nation.

Says excessive speculation is pushing up oil prices and a recent report estimates it "adds 56 cents to every gallon of gasoline siphoned from the pump."

"Large phone companies and their trade association have hired 35 registered lobbyists to influence and pass SB 271 (deregulation legislation)."

"Last year, we produced 14 percent less oil on public lands than we did the year before."

Says Lake Erie contains more native fish than all the other Great Lakes combined.

Says Mitt Romney supports a plan "to slowly and gradually raise the retirement age of Social Security."

"More than one in five of veterans aged 20 to 24 can’t find a job to support their family or to ease the transition to civilian life."

"One generation ago we led the world in college graduation. We're 16th today."

Says federal spending has increased 21 percent over the past three years.

"We are now eighth in the nation in job creation . . . we are No. 1 in the Midwest."  

"Eighty percent of all U.S. communities depend solely on trucks to deliver and supply the products sold in stores or ordered online."

"Ohio’s Planned Parenthood operations received millions of taxpayer dollars via federal grants in 2010 and 2011."

"President Obama's recent plan to cut $100 million of waste within his administration won't actually save money because he's going to spend it elsewhere."

"We have the second highest corporate tax rate among our trading partners."

"One-third of our college grads leave Ohio within three years."

"The governor won this state with 49 percent. We had some of the closest races in the House in history. So you’re not dealing with this 70-30, like they want to make it."

"More than half of the people on food stamps today are children."

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