Statements we say are False

"Did you know that in 2013 over 50 percent of all babies born in Oregon were Hispanic?"

Kip Kinkel and Clackamas Town Center shootings "both where citizen with gun stopped the crime"

"We have the lowest beer tax in the nation."

"And we’ve constantly been the lowest unemployed county in the state."

"We don’t show people playing these games. We don’t show them winning playing the video lottery games."

"Oregon leads the nation in number of jobs per capita in manufacturing."

Says in the last five years "Senate Republicans have placed a filibuster on every piece of legislation and every nominee."

There were "$2 billion in earmarks in fiscal year 2012."

"West Linn has one of the highest per capita rates of home-based businesses in the United States."

Says Damascus’ disincorporation would produce "NO significant tax savings."

Says "nearly 30,000" federal employees in Oregon were furloughed during the government shutdown.

Says "we are going to sell this house and use the proceeds to stabilize rates."

"More than 400 car crashes occur each year on the current, congested Columbia River Bridge."

Says every day of a special session costs taxpayers $40,000.

Says "your Legislative Assembly was within one vote of enacting each of those bills into Oregon law."

Says Oregon’s political tax credit is something "every state should have and no other state does."

Says HJM 20 "was the only bill not assigned to a House committee."

Says "the mandate is 71 times that a child’s body will be injected with a disease" for immunizations.

Says "Having organizations parading as being social welfare organizations and then being involved in the political combat harkens back to why the statute a hundred years ago said that they were prohibited."

Says that in 2007, "Oregon ranked 25th -- or 7th from the bottom -- in percentage of children with untreated decay compared to 32 other states with similar data."

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