All statements involving Bob McDonnell

"We expanded charter" schools.

"It’s been 4 and a half years since the United States Senate passed a budget."

"The brutal fact is, when it comes to education, America is slipping" behind other nations.

Says his plan to raise car registration to $56 would still leave Virginia with a fee that’s "equal to or lower than most states."

Says his transportation plan "would make Virginia the first state in the nation to eliminate the state tax on gasoline."

 "The average kid comes out of Virginia colleges with about $25,000-plus in debt."

Northern Virginia is the most "heavily trafficked place in the country."

The GOP platform that seeks further limits on abortion and is silent on an exception for rape "has been there for more than 30 years."

"Independent voters have a ten-point margin in favor of Mitt Romney right now."

The Obama administration is "unwinding our nation’s welfare-to-work requirements."

States still face a "mandate" to expand Medicaid coverage under President Obama's health care reform law.

Virginia "is home to more veterans per capita than any state in America."

 The U.S. economy is "recovering slower than Europe "

Says a bill requiring ultrasounds before abortions "was supported by Republicans and Democrats."

"This bill allows Virginia to join about 23 other states that have an ultrasound procedure" before an abortion.

"Seven out of the 10 states with the lowest unemployment rates (have) Republican governors … That approach that Republicans are using is working."

President Obama's "budget would call for about $25 trillion in debt by the end of his term, if he was re-elected."

On mandatory ultrasounds before abortions.

Says proposal to boost teacher pension fund "puts no mandate on local government."

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