All False statements involving Chris Christie

Says "our economy in New Jersey gets $38 billion from the businesses at the Shore."

Says Chris Christie was the "first governor in America to endorse" Mitt Romney.

Says the national health care law puts federal "bureaucrats between an American citizen and her doctor."

"What I look at every month is how many more New Jerseyans are back to work. You have another 9,900 last month that are back to work and over almost 90,000 that are back to work now since I became governor."

"I used my line-item veto authority to veto $360 million dollars in special interest spending, so that our budget this year ... is still smaller than the fiscal year 2008 and 2009 budgets signed by my predecessor."

"New Jersey today has fewer employees in state government than it had when Christie Whitman left office in January of 2001, and I think that’s good. And we did it without any layoffs. We did it through attrition."

Says New Jersey’s tenure law "has now been reformed to say that if teachers get two years of partially effective or ineffective ratings they lose tenure."

Says New Jersey’s job growth in May represents "25 percent of all the jobs created in the country."

"When I was U.S. Attorney we wound up putting 10 percent of the state Legislature in jail during my seven years."

Says "we had to cut 13 billion dollars in state spending over two years."

"Here's something that people never talk about with coach Schiano: Rutgers had the best graduation rate of any Division I football program in America."

Says Democrats cut $35 million from the state budget for Information Technology improvements.

"Only the State of New York spends more money on Medicaid than the State of New Jersey."

"For a young man or woman who is entering the ninth grade in Newark this year, they have a 29 percent graduation rate."

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