All Mostly True statements involving Chris Christie

"In the entire public school system in Camden last year, only three students graduated college ready."

"Today, our unemployment rate is 7.8 percent. That is the lowest in five years."

"Given how expansive our program already was," expanding Medicaid in New Jersey due to Obamacare "was a relatively small expansion."

Says Barbara Buono "voted to raise her own pay 40 percent."

"Four balanced budgets in a row, with no new taxes for anyone. The best job growth in 12 years. Nearly 130,000 new private-sector jobs. Merit pay to reward New Jersey’s best teachers, and the most education funding ever."

"We’re spending less money today, in upcoming fiscal year 2014 than the Corzine-Buono budget spent in fiscal year 2008."

"Since January 2010, New Jersey has added 103,000 new private sector jobs. The last two years -- 2011 and 2012 -- have been the best two years of private sector job growth since 1999."

"Property taxes had increased 70 percent in the previous 10 years."

Says "on the state level, we spend less today than Jon Corzine spent in fiscal year 2008, five years later."

Says New Jersey is "50th in return of our federal tax dollars."

"Now remember, property taxes went up 70 percent in the 10 years before I became governor."

There has been "$5 trillion in debt added over the last four years."

Says Jon Corzine "gave away 14 percent raises over 4 years and he stood on the front steps of the Capitol at a public-sector union rally and said, 'I will fight to get you a great contract.’"

Says state Sen. Paul Sarlo "said in February on NJTV, ‘there will be no tax increases in this budget’" and "voted the other night in the Senate Budget Committee to raise income taxes $800 million."

"New Jersey has the second highest rate of institutionalization" of people with developmental disabilities "in America. Only Texas puts more of its citizens -- confines more of its citizens -- to institutions than New Jersey. "

"They say teachers only make on average in New Jersey 60,000 dollars a year. They only work 180 days."

Says "out of 588 school districts, we give 31 (former Abbott) districts 70 percent of the aid."

"The water quality in the ocean is perfect. It’s been tested up and down every ocean shore in New Jersey."

Out of 150,000 tenured teachers in the last 10 years, only 17 have been dismissed for incompetence.

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