All statements involving Democratic National Committee

Rick Perry doesn’t think there should be a federal minimum wage.

"One thing that is much more unpopular than the Affordable Care Act is repealing the Affordable Care Act."

In the recent House special election in Florida, Democrats "got outspent in a Republican district."

"Republicans actually doctored emails between administration officials about Benghazi. Then, they released them to the press, trying to pass them off as real."

"Under President Obama, U.S. security funding for Israel is at an all-time high."

Says it cost Massachusetts taxpayers $100,000 when Mitt Romney and his staff purchased computer hard drives.

"Traditionally, presidential candidates release their tax returns . . . Mitt Romney still won’t."

Says Mitt Romney has changed his position on supporting the TARP program.

Says Mitt Romney has said different things about whether global warming is caused by humans

Says Mitt Romney flip-flopped on a taxpayer protection pledge.

Says Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on his support for President Reagan’s policies.

Says Mitt Romney once supported President Obama’s health care plan but now opposes it.

Says Mitt Romney flip-flopped on supporting "the president's Recovery Act."

"House Republicans are ramming through legislation ... to classify pizza as a 'vegetable' for the purpose of school lunches." 

Says Mitt Romney’s housing policy is, "Don’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom."

Says that Tim Pawlenty eliminated health insurance for 33,000 to 35,000 people when he was governor of Minnesota.

"The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act is the largest-ever investment in higher education."

“Under (Rick Perry’s) watch as governor, over six million Texans have no health care coverage, including one million children, homeowners suffer from the highest insurance rates in the country, and college tuition has skyrocketed 136 percent.”

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