All statements involving Herman Cain

"Over the last 40 years, real wage growth has been flatlined because of the policies of the Federal Reserve ... It was all driven by the Federal Reserve."  

Says Thomas Jefferson said, "You might be able to fool the people for awhile, and they may go astray, but sooner or later the American people are going to wake up and they will correct the course."

Says his 9-9-9 tax reform plan is not "regressive."

On auditing the Federal Reserve

China is "trying to develop nuclear capability."

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain called Ron Paul’s followers "ignorant."

The 9-9-9 plan "does not raise taxes on those that are making the least."

The Department of Energy’s "Billion Ton Study" has shown that wind and solar energy combined "could at best provide only 5 percent of our total energy needs."

"Current projections indicate that Medicare will go bankrupt by 2017, while Social Security will bottom out by 2037."

Says someone earning $50,000 a year will fare better under his "9-9-9" plan than under the current tax system.

"Every worker pays 15.3 percent payroll tax."

An Environmental Protection Agency regulation that goes into effect Jan. 1, 2012, regulates dust.

"If our recovery were more typical of the postwar era . . . we would have 14 million more jobs today."

"If we had been on 'Obamacare' and a bureaucrat was trying to tell me when I could get that CAT scan, that would have delayed my treatment."

"This is the worst jobs recovery since the Great Depression."

"Today, when people retire in Galveston County, Texas, they retire making at least 50 percent more than they would ever get out of Social Security."

Says that he did "not exactly" say that communities have the right to ban mosques.

Muslims tried to use Sharia law to influence court decisions in New Jersey and Oklahoma

Says an alternative to Social Security that operates in Galveston County, Texas, has meant that participants will "retire with a whole lot more money" than under Social Security.

"When I became president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, it was supposed to go bankrupt . . . We turned it around with common-sense business principles."

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